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Starting a Club/Pub/Music-Venue:
Considering your options is a good start

Are you the kind of person who loves to go out with friends, listen to good music, dance and have fun? Do you brew a good beer, make a good sandwich or know a good band you want to promote?  Or do you just enjoy the evening and being around people who are relaxed and enjoying themselves?  If you are interested in any of these things and you can work until 2 or 3 am, you may have considered opening a pub, craft brew eatery, or music restaurant.

If you brew beer or wine, you may have been told that you should 'turn professional'. You may know or be a musician that needs a venue, or just enjoy the club-pub lifestyle.  You may even have a ‘wing’ recipe that deserves to be enjoyed by many. You may have all of these things, and, If even one of these things are true, you probably have also thought about opening your own place.

You are a smart person and you know it will not be easy, and you do not need people telling you how hard it will be.  You also know that what you want to do is not impossible. You may have gotten a business book from the library and read it. You may have even paid professional business consultants for advice and taken a business plan to bank investors to get them interested in helping you to start your own club.  Any person who has done that is on their way!

But custom business plans tend to be expensive, sometimes over $800.00.  Even though you can do an internet search and find companies who offer them as low as $300.00, that is a lot of money to spend when you are only looking for a good overview to help you decide if you want to take this business step at this time.  That is why it is great that you can get the business services you need on sites like

Not every smart person goes to business school or has extra money for business consultants.  Sometimes smart people just have a great idea for a club or a great recipe for a specific food and their business success is based entirely on that. If you are THAT person - the IDEA PERSON - then you also know that you need a PLAN that shows the steps to be followed so you and the people you designate to help you will know the expenses that will happen on the way to profitable success.

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          Perfect Music Pub / Craft Saladry Business Plans

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