Set Yourself Up for Success

So What if 2020 was a flop.

You have been making decisions this year and those decisions have been good for you!  You are taking steps towards achievements and you have been a bit successful in those steps.  Right now, you may be looking for ideas on how to achieve more with your life.  Whether it is learning a skill or adding extra income do not let people talk you out of it.  Your success is not determined by another person’s failure.  Your success depends on what you plan to do to succeed.  If you have never knitted a scarf, getting a book of instruction, and the tools to do it are the first step.  Even if the scarf looks terrible -it will STILL be a scarf and still be capable of keeping someone’s neck warm.  That is not failure- THAT is learning to be successful. You will never knit a scarf as bad as the first one you make.  So, take the time to look at your options. Collect the materials and information you need to learn how to get a great start on the things you want to do.  Then after you have read them, made notes, and decided on what you feel comfortable doing, then that is the time to do it; that is the time to do something for YOU!

How To Create Fund And Start Your Own Business

Start Business with no money

The Sudden Entrepreneur

A ‘PAINFUL’ Idea can be the Start of Success

How Do I Start a Business?

The easy answer is to go to and click on ‘Employer ID number (EIN) and complete the forms.  It is free and once you have done that you are technically ‘in business’.

But starting a business is much more than just having a business identification number.  Starting a business means that you have an idea that you have turned or are in the process of turning into a plan.

So now you may have decided that the easy part is actually the planning and the hard part is the idea –and you may be right. Once you have a plan, therefore you think it will be easy to start a business If you have an idea, so you sit down and think real hard to get an idea. 

And that could be a good thing, but the better way to get a good business idea is to walk around the area where you live and figure out what it is people have to travel a distance to get and what they can get close to them.

What you are in effect doing is locating the biggest ‘pain’ for the people around you and then finding a solution for it - at a price low enough that paying you is less of a pain than dealing with it by themselves.  If you do the task well enough then it becomes a convenience for people and then a necessity.  Example – how many nail salons were there in 1970; how many coffee shops?   But in 2018 there are nail salons and coffee shops in every block because people feel it is a necessity.

So once you have looked around you and discovered the ‘pain’ that you can solve you will have discovered your business idea.

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Pot Shop Business Plan

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Open a Legal weed shop
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Best Business Plans under $100!
Earn $1000 a week!
Sell My Homebrew
Best Successful Business Secrets

The Sudden Entrepreneur
By J. O’Brian
What Kind of Business Should You Start?
..Sometimes Success Depends on Focus

A business franchise near me recently got a new owner. The previous owner was happy to sell the franchise to that new owner. You may ask yourself why a person would do this.  Did they get a better business?  No, I happen to know the guy and he hated being indoors all of the time and he wanted to go back and work in the family landscaping business.  It was less money on average, but he was happy.

You may ask yourself, right now, “Why would a person give up working for themselves…setting their own hours and making their own rules?”

The reasons for that are many – but the overall reason boils down to ‘It was not a good fit’.

So how do you make certain the business you are ‘looking into’ is a good fit? You take out a note pad and write down YOUR answers to the following questions:

               Do I already have experience in this business?

**If you have 10 years’ experience as a retail manager – but you hate dealing with the public – you probably should not open a retail shop

Do I have to take classes or attend seminars to learn the business?

**Does the business interest you enough that you are willing to spend the extra time – and sometimes money - to learn the craft? – (You’ve been a CPA for 10 years – do you really want to go to culinary school?)

       Do I have to hire people to help me in my business?

**Do you make shoes (or other things) yourself... or do you have to pay people to produce your designs?

How many hours – every week – am I willing to work to earn money at this business?

**Do you have an unlimited budget for trained professionals to do all aspects of the business for you? – If not, you may work dozens of hours MORE every week than a traditional job.

            What 5 things do I LOVE about this business?

**Everything that you think you will love!

            What 5 things will I HATE about this business?

**Do a little research…find things that people complain about and decide if they bother you.

So, If you either have experience, but hate the business OR if you have no experience and do not really want to learn it than you should move on with your search.  But, even if you have no experience yet love the business and are willing to put in the time necessary to learn start and run it  all on your own – then THAT is the business for you!.

Budgets for Happiness and Success

Now is the time to think about 'The Business of the Future'.  Once or twice a century a new product is brought to market that will change the way people think about life. When these products (computer chips,, iPhones, Air fryers) are put out for consumers to buy, whole new industries develop and people become millionaires. 

Right now, around the world cities, towns and entire governments are reviewing and repealing Marijuana laws. as it turns out, research has proven that the CBD component of Marijuana is an effective analgeisic  and the THC component calms people down.  Other research has shown  that marijuana can help people kick opioid habits. 

But how do you do this?  How do you start and plan for a business that doesn't really exist yet?

This MDS Manual, based on recent research, compiles and sets out what you need to start in this business.  How many employees?  How do you get a location? What will your supplies cost?  How much do you mark them up?  And MOST IMPORTANT: Where is the profit?

Now you can have answers to these questions BEFORE you sign a lease.  You can have a list of approximate costs (Marijuana is an agricultural product and, like all agricultural products, the price can fluctuate season to season and year to year.) You can see how to budget your employees and best of all, how to plan so you can pay yourself well!

Best of all, When you order this manual for $25.00 you get , at no extra charge,  a business plan that shows you what you need to open a music/cafe/honky-tonk.  Yes, that is correct.  If, a dispensary is not allowed in your area, you can open a music pub instead.

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You Can Start on YOUR Road to Entrepreneurial Success Today

So, you’ve decided that you are going to be an entrepreneur.  Not just an entrepreneur, but a RICH AND SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur.  You probably made this decision because you’ve seen shows, read books about or even paid to attend seminars by these people.   These are all informative, yet the fact is that ‘wild success’ is difficult – if not impossible to duplicate and one person’s ‘proven method’ can usually only be ‘proven within an initial group.  So the key to your success is going to be your ability to plan and then research.  For that you need to spend about $5.00 USD on a lined notebook and a couple of pens.

Yes, it is as easy as getting a note book, and a pen.  Internet access would be helpful but your best tool for success is your brain.  I ask you to use paper and a pen because touching the paper and using the pen will help your concentration.

The first thing to think of is “What am I going to do to succeed?”  Write that at the top of the page.

Then under that make a numbered list of everything that you can think of that might be a way that you want to make money.  Do you like the idea of costume making?  Write it down.  Do you like the idea of growing basil?  Write it down.  Fill up the page if you can.

Start another page.  Title that page “What can I STAND to do for 6 to 10 hours every day; 5 to 6 days a week for the next 10 years”.  This is where you will need to do research.  If you cannot get to the internet you can use a library or ask some people who do those jobs- exactly what they do every day.  That will help you make a decision.  Now go through the jobs on the first page and list the ones that you can stand doing.

Why do you do this?  Because ANY BUSINESS THAT YOU START, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING MOST OF THE TASKS UNTIL YOU GENERATE INCOME.    You can hire the most reliable people in the world, but a freak accident or illness can mean you have to fill in until they return or hire another person.   Imagine starting a Kitchen remodeling company and  6 months after you open your plumber gets pneumonia and can’t work for a month.   Customers will cancel contracts and leave, unless you can do the work. 

And – if you hate doing it, even paying people to do it for you means you are involved.   So, avoid opening a restaurant  or shop if you dislike interacting with people; and avoid opening a research or writing firm if you dislike being alone.

All it takes is careful research and planning to find the Entrepreneurial Niche that will be your success!

You tell yourself that you want to start a business. Starting a business is much more than selling a product or service and accepting money.  Starting a business means you have to have total control over your budget.  In today's world, everything has a tiny profit margin, sometimes only a few cents.  Therefore you need to know how to budget well for yourself.  

No Douchebags Allowed

Dump the Lottery and Win with Penny Stocks

 Are you between 18 and 64?  Then, there is at least a 60% chance that you bought a lottery ticket 7 out of 12 months last year, and there is a 1 out of 15 chance you have ‘won’ as little as $2.00 on one of the national lotteries. If you do ‘scratch offs instead, there is a 25% chance that – if you bought 7 of the $2.00 scratch-off tickets, you would walk away with $14.00.

Small wins happen because of the way odds vary on lottery games.  Even the most basic tickets are set with a winnings ratio.  Check the back of your ticket and you will see this.  So if there is a 1 out of 20 chance that any one ticket of a series will win at least $5.00 then you can almost GUARANTEE you will win $5.00 if you get 20 tickets in the same series.

Remember- if you spent $20 dollars on those tickets, you probably lost $15.00 in the process.  If you do this weekly like so any of us do, that is almost $800 a year for only a $200 return.  If you think of it as a ‘fun hobby’, then shelling out $600 a year to enjoy it, is a lot like talking a weekend getaway: You spent money and you had fun.

You can get better cash reward with your fun.

If you have been spending $20.00 a week on lottery tickets; try cutting that in half and investing the rest in ‘Penny Stocks’.

A ‘Penny Stock’ is a stock issued by a new or small company that is on the fringes of the stock market. They are basically any stock that trades (sells) for $5.00 or less (Yes, the cost of your lottery tickets) They are considered risky because the companies are usually new, unknown, and have new technology that people do not really understand.

At one point, companies like ‘Net Flix’ were considered ‘Penny Stocks’. In January of 2008 Net Flix sold for less than $4.00 a share.  How much cash would you have now…if you had bought $40.00 of Net Flix in January of 2008?

Now you have to get those stocks without a complicated brokerage account costing you $20 a month.

There are easy investment apps like Stash or Acorn.  These apps make it so you can actually invest as little as $5.00 at a time.  So, for example: Denison Mines (DNN) was selling for around $1.80 when this article was written.  There is a long-term growth forecast for the next 9 months.  $5.00 will get you two (and a fraction) shares of the stock.  If it goes up to $2.00 a share next week you have effectively made more than 40 cents (yes, that is low) without actually SPENDING ANY OF YOUR MONEY. (If you had bought 100 shares, you would have $40.00 and so on.)

So how do you know what ‘Penny Stocks’ to buy? Yes, you are looking for the next ‘Net Flix’ and you do not want to be fooled by a ‘Madoff’, so what do you do?

Stash and Acorn have a search list with good info on many stocks on their sites. The finance page of Yahoo provides real time information to follow before you actually invest.  You can look at emerging industries (Like Net Flix was back in 2008). 
Think: who is making the things that YOU want to use or selling the things YOU want to buy?  If none of those interest you then look at ‘What industry is about to POP?’  Look for companies ready to produce computer chips or Lithium-ion batteries, (CMP).  Look for companies like Sundial (SNDL) or Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) that will grow exponentially as soon as Cannabis is legalized.

Then, for a month or two, take your weekly lottery money, and invest it.  If your  ‘Penny Stocks’ go down by 20 cents each, you still have the stock and there is a good chance it will go back up; but if those $5.00 lottery tickets don’t get you $5.00,  the only thing you won is a trip to the trash can.

There are books that will guide you through the budgeting process as wall as classes you can take.

Some people prefer a good budgeting program which comes with specialized accounting software and other people use spreadsheets to calculate their expenses.  But whatever method you decide to use, remember to create a budget you can stick with and you will always have money in your pocket.

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Your Harmonic Resonance
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Dropshipping Success

       Open a Cannabis Shop?

Now you can discover what you need to know!


You Can Make Real Money if You Remember These Tips!

 If you are new to Drop Shipping or E-commerce these are a few things you need to know:

*Forget about finding your ‘niche’, unless you are already blogging and have followers that look for specific products, you want a bit of everything – like Amazon.

*Always remember that you are indirect competition with the people who sold it to you.  THEY can ALWAYS sell their items at the same price that you pay for them. That does not mean every body will buy from them.  Take an item like a candy bar.  At a gas station or a ‘quick mart’ it will cost you $1.99; at the grocery store check-out it will cost you $1.79; If you buy a 10 pack at the ‘Warehouse store’ the package will be $9.00 which is 90 cents each and if you buy from the chocolate company you can get a carton of 100 for $50.00…or 50 cents each.  If you price them at $1.25 each, you will be higher than the candy company, but lower than many other places, so you can expect sales based on your ‘mid-level’ price range.

*Some people will spend hours looking for the best deal and others do not care and will buy the first thing they see. Most people check 3 or 4 places and take the best price for the quickest shipping.

*You do not have to have a deal with only one company in the Drop Shipping business.  If you want to get clothing from ‘Roses’, art from ‘Louis Leonard’, Tea Towels from ‘Spoonflower’, and auto parts from ‘Pep Boys’ you can do that.  Just remember that when your customer clicks on the picture to place the order, YOU need to call the company related to that order – let us say it is a coat from ‘Roses’- and arrange for them to ship it directly to your customer with only a packing slip and no receipt.  You pay for it out of the money the customer just paid you…and they ship it immediately.  You keep the price difference in your bank account.

Get an Ad partner.  Google ADWORDS is best.  CLICKBANK is ok. The rest tend to pay less than 1 cent per click and at that rate you would need 100 people to click on one ad to earn a dollar!  They will sign you up by getting your tax information so they can pay you.  For Example - Google sends a check every time your account reaches $100.00.   Once you are signed up, you will receive ‘code’ you can put on your pages that will appear as ads when people go to your website.  Every click can earn you money even if that customer does not purchase that day!

Business Ideas Today      

...reprinted from Excellence-Success
Is it Time for You to Grow Success?

Start a Profitable Franchise
Look – you do not have to go to business school or even graduate college! didn't spend thousands of dollars to go to business school – that does not mean you can't be successful.  The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harlan ‘Colonel’ Sanders left school in the 7th grade. But Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the biggest franchises in the world.

How did that happen?  How did a guy with a 7th grade education and no ‘Business College’ do this thing that people say is impossible?

He did not listen to the ‘haters’.  He just kept cooking his chicken and seasoning it up the way HIS customers liked it, and when he outgrew his space, he took his original idea, his recipes and his customers and created a FRANCHISE by immediately opening several more.

This is an easy formula to follow.  You start this year.  Even if you do not have ‘recipes’ for success, you can still open a successful restaurant franchise by spending a little time learning about and researching the subject.

“The Saladry” is an excellent manual that will give you detailed information that you will need to make the decision to start your franchise business such as:

Employee costs – How much you need to budget to keep both employees and payroll taxes paid.
Opening Costs – How much do you REALLY need to have in the bank before you open? (Hint it is NOT a million dollars!)
Menu – What do I serve people to make money?
When and HOW to open additional locations.

Most Business Plans are not only expensive – in the $500 range and up -  but they are ALSO totally SPECIFIC to one shop at one location in one city. 

If you are just curious about what it takes, if you just want to read a detailed plan and THEN make the decision, you do not want to pay lawyers and accountants hundreds of dollars to make a plan that you might not decide to use!

The ‘Saladry’ is a perfect manual that incorporates a great, yet basic business plan with menu planning and cost breakdowns that are generic enough that you can use them in any city, and not be limited to one location in one city.

You can use this plan as is or you can change it to suit your needs. If you want to be strictly VEGAN, you can easily eliminate the meat from the menu – if you want more deserts, you can add them in.  You can even schedule a day to be closed.

Once you get it, this is YOUR plan.