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The Sudden Entrepreneur
By J. O’Brian

Is Your on-line business doomed to failure? –Help it Survive and Prosper!

You have decided to start or have started an on-line business, and you want it to be a good one!  You may have done this because you ‘purchased a ‘course’ that included a website for a drop-shipping or on-line retail business or you may be doing this because you are good with a craft and want to make money selling it. Finally, the on-line business may be an extension of your ‘Brick and Mortar’ business.  It does not matter how or why you started the business, what matters now is getting your business to show a profit.

​Your on-line business requires that you have some product - whether it is informative – such as classes and courses or a retail product such as clothing, auto-parts, or pet toys. You also need access to customers, and an efficient way to get the customers what they want more quickly than your competition.

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Is it Time for You to Grow Success?

Start a Profitable Franchise
Look – you do not have to go to business school or even graduate college! didn't spend thousands of dollars to go to business school – that does not mean you can't be successful.  The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harlan ‘Colonel’ Sanders left school in the 7th grade. But Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the biggest franchises in the world.

How did that happen?  How did a guy with a 7th grade education and no ‘Business College’ do this thing that people say is impossible?

He did not listen to the ‘haters’.  He just kept cooking his chicken and seasoning it up the way HIS customers liked it, and when he outgrew his space, he took his original idea, his recipes and his customers and created a FRANCHISE by immediately opening several more.

This is an easy formula to follow.  You start this year.  Even if you do not have ‘recipes’ for success, you can still open a successful restaurant franchise by spending a little time learning about and researching the subject.

“The Saladry” is an excellent manual that will give you detailed information that you will need to make the decision to start your franchise business such as:

Employee costs – How much you need to budget to keep both employees and payroll taxes paid.
Opening Costs – How much do you REALLY need to have in the bank before you open? (Hint it is NOT a million dollars!)
Menu – What do I serve people to make money?
When and HOW to open additional locations.

Most Business Plans are not only expensive – in the $500 range and up -  but they are ALSO totally SPECIFIC to one shop at one location in one city. 

If you are just curious about what it takes, if you just want to read a detailed plan and THEN make the decision, you do not want to pay lawyers and accountants hundreds of dollars to make a plan that you might not decide to use!

The ‘Saladry’ is a perfect manual that incorporates a great, yet basic business plan with menu planning and cost breakdowns that are generic enough that you can use them in any city, and not be limited to one location in one city.

You can use this plan as is or you can change it to suit your needs. If you want to be strictly VEGAN, you can easily eliminate the meat from the menu – if you want more deserts, you can add them in.  You can even schedule a day to be closed.

Once you get it, this is YOUR plan.

Your Harmonic Resonance

And that is what it takes to be an entrepreneur; the willingness to accept the risk of failure.  Not every person who starts something succeeds.  In fact, most people who have made a great success from an idea initially failed.  But they went back and kept working on their prototype or they kept working at their presentation and used the information gained by earlier failures to make that first success.  The true entrepreneur has a setback and ask herself, ‘What did I learn from this?’ but the dilettante or ‘fake’ entrepreneur will say of the same setback, ‘This is stupid, I don’t know why people even try, everyone who does this is stupid.”

Being a real entrepreneur means that you are the kind of person who is willing to take the risk to invest your own time, energy and sometimes savings into an idea that will, with dedicated work, succeed.

How To Create Fund And Start Your Own Business

The Sudden Entrepreneur

A ‘PAINFUL’ Idea can be the Start of Success

How Do I Start a Business?

The easy answer is to go to and click on ‘Employer ID number (EIN) and complete the forms.  It is free and once you have done that you are technically ‘in business’.

But starting a business is much more than just having a business identification number.  Starting a business means that you have an idea that you have turned or are in the process of turning into a plan.

So now you may have decided that the easy part is actually the planning and the hard part is the idea –and you may be right. Once you have a plan, therefore you think it will be easy to start a business If you have an idea, so you sit down and think real hard to get an idea. 

And that could be a good thing, but the better way to get a good business idea is to walk around the area where you live and figure out what it is people have to travel a distance to get and what they can get close to them.

What you are in effect doing is locating the biggest ‘pain’ for the people around you and then finding a solution for it - at a price low enough that paying you is less of a pain than dealing with it by themselves.  If you do the task well enough then it becomes a convenience for people and then a necessity.  Example – how many nail salons were there in 1970; how many coffee shops?   But in 2018 there are nail salons and coffee shops in every block because people feel it is a necessity.

So once you have looked around you and discovered the ‘pain’ that you can solve you will have discovered your business idea.

You may see a need in your community; rows of empty store fronts but not one clothing shop. You see acres of empty warehouse space, but not one green grocer.  You are the person who says to themselves, “If I open a used clothing store, people will come to me instead of going across town; If I use that warehouse to ‘farm’ vegetables under lights, I will be the ‘green grocer’”.  You are not the person who wonders, “Why doesn’t someone open a shop in that empty space.” No, YOU are the person who says, “I wonder what kind of shop will make money in there?”

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The Sudden Entrepreneur
By J. O’Brian
Will you Seize an Opportunity?

You see an opportunity and you start thinking, “I can do that.  I can do that thing, and earn money.” Maybe the local deli is for sale, or maybe the local dry cleaner is closing.  Maybe the people in your neighborhood are always complaining about the lack of a grocery store or print shop. If you are the kind of person who thinks that way, then you can become an entrepreneur.  If you have skill at starting, managing and organizing things like events, you can become an entrepreneur.  Any person, who takes on the initiative and risk to start a small business, is an entrepreneur. 

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A smart entrepreneur knows how to spot a scam. Many companies market to entrepreneurs with promises of easy wealth by following their ‘programs’.  But these programs consist of endless ‘courses’ that teach ‘proven methods’ and in the end, after a hundred ‘courses at one low price’ you are instructed to take a ‘premier course’ which starts the whole process over again.

​The only person who makes money from this is the person who set up the courses. So remember if a person or company wants you to pay them a large sum so you can earn money, it is a scam.

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