You can buy a basic plan to get started for less than $20.  Then after your business is open and running you can change the things you WANT to change.

Yes, there are real ‘work from home’ jobs, and because of that there are more work from home scams than there are real jobs.
Is there an easy way to tell a scam from the real thing? Yes, there is and I can tell you now that the main thing to look out for is money.  The way real employment works is that you do a task, and you get paid for it.  Money flows from the employer to the employee.  If you are looking at an on-line job opportunity and the company or website you are looking at asks that you pay them a fee for a subscription to ‘list of places that will pay you to do on line work’, chances are that is a scam.
Work from home scams are designed to trick people who want nothing more than to use a computer to work from home. These are some scams that have tricked people:

·Registered Tutor:  For only $500.00 they will send you their complete kit that will ‘train’ you to be a successful ‘LICENSED’ tutor in your own home, even if you never got good grades.  The kit includes a ‘test’ that you take and mail back to them.  They then send you a pretty certificate and promise that your name will be put in their international database of licensed tutors.  And that is it.  Being in an international database is not going to do you any good, and in most of the world, you do not need a license to be a tutor, you just have to know your subject.  Giving these people $500.00 for a dubious certificate is silly. You can become a tutor by handing out your business card to local schools.

​​Now, with the help of computers, there are many options open to anyone who is willing to take a little time and effort.  You no longer have to risk your life or embarrass yourself in a video to have a chance at real income, and you don't have to spam your family and friends with email advertising in an effort to earn a few pennies for each sale of 'affiliate' products. 

Working From Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain takes a look at several different work from home jobs you can do.  Some of these, such as 'Dropshipper' don't take a lot of skill, training, or even special computer programs to do, they just require your time.  

If you have ever wanted to run and curate a gallery, open a virtual shop, enter the fashion or gift wrap design business, this will give you a chance to look at your options and begin to investigate what it will take you to start a profitable business from home.

Excellence and Success
Business plans

Success is like a loyal dog and Excellence is it's owner. 

Where ever Excellence goes; Success always follows.

Become Successful Entrepreneur

How is it that  people talk about working from home but no one knows how to do it?   People used to work form home.  My grandfather had an Italian restaurant in New York and raised my mother and uncles in the apartment upstairs.  My Uncle, who is still a bookkeeper, does most of his work from an office in his basement.  So that tells me that maybe there are more jobs that a person can do from home.  Certainly in the age of computers and the internet there must be limitless jobs that a person with a brain can do from home.

Now, an Incredible new book from Excellence-Success Publishing,  Working From Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain is the book people like you and I have been looking for.

Written in collaboration with the content writers at And Whatever Concept Works, this book explores several unique ideas for working from home.

You know, there are many reasons to work for a person to want to work from home.  You may live dozens of miles from the nearest town or you may live in a part of town that is virtually unsafe to work in. You may have become the primary caregiver for a child, an elderly or disabled parent or spouse.  You may have special needs yourself.

 In the case of a business professional like a Lawyer or CPA, it may be the best way to save on high commercial rental charges.  In the case of a Home Daycare worker, it may be the best way to spend time with their own children or grandparents. But, until recently, most people did not have the ability to work from home and actually hope make a livable wage.

You can get SBA loans:

No Douchebags Allowed,

      Don't get stuck stuffing envelopes, it is not a real job!

How to Avoid Work from Home Scams that take Your Money

- by Angel Hernandez


​​​​Doyou want to work from home? A lot of people do, if you are like me you want to find out how to work from home and earn good money. I know that people, like accountants, have professional skills that only require a computer and a desk to make an income, and nannies, have compassionate skills so they only require a safe and comfortable place to care for their charges.  But, let’s face it, most of us wind up working for other people because we lack knowledge or resources to make a living working from home.
I know some people like leaving their home and making a commute to and from where they work every single day because not everyone can work from home.  There are noisy neighbors, nosey neighbors and nuisance neighbors that disrupt you on the best of days.  For you it is better to get out of the house and drive somewhere so you can get peace and quiet!
But what if you do not have a job?  There are places where getting work is not easy.  Also, people who went to law school and graduated and cannot get a job.  There are people who have a Master’s Degree in Literature or a PhD in History and they are working flipping burgers or pouring coffee.
The people who are lucky enough to have a space to work from home using their computer and their brains need to know how to avoid work from home scams. We need to know how to Create Fund and Start Our Own Businesses.

Third – This is usually FREE!  You need to register with the tax authorities in your government. This allows you to get the beneficial tax breaks related to owning a business:

Excellence-Success; success follows excellence

The Sudden Entrepreneur

The New and Fun Way to Earn  Business Cash

Hey, guys! If you're looking for a smart way to start your own business, then you've got to check out drop-shipping! It's an awesome way to get into the e-commerce game with minimal investment and maximum returns.

First of all, let's talk about the startup costs. With drop-shipping, you don't need a lot of money to get started. In fact, you can start a drop-shipping business with just a laptop and an internet connection! That means you can avoid all those expensive startup costs that come with traditional retail.

But that's not all. Did you know that the global drop-shipping market size was valued at $102.2 billion in 2018, and it's projected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025? That's right, drop-shipping is on the rise and it's a smart move to get in on the action while the market is hot.

Another great thing about drop-shipping is the lifestyle it offers. You don't have to worry about managing a physical store or shipping orders yourself, which means you can work from anywhere in the world and have a flexible schedule. So if you're looking to create a lifestyle that suits your needs, then drop-shipping is a great option.

And lastly, with drop-shipping, you have access to a huge range of products to offer your customers. You don't have to hold any inventory, which means you can easily test out new products and see what resonates with your target market. Plus, you can quickly add new products to your online store without having to worry about holding stock or managing shipping.

So, guys, in conclusion, drop-shipping is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business. With minimal startup costs, a growing market, a flexible lifestyle, and access to a diverse range of products, it's the perfect time to jump in and make your mark in the e-commerce world. Don't wait, start your own drop-shipping business today and be your own boss!

·The MLM:  MLM is ‘Multi-Level Marketing’.  Sponsors tell you it is ‘Just like Amway and Avon’, but you give them an upfront membership ‘fee’ that covers the cost of your website and your products.  All you have to do is sell the products, and after a small monthly maintenance fee plus a re-stock fee, you get to keep the profit.  The catch is this – the products are basic ‘Dollar Store’ merchandise that you are expected to sell at a markup, on line and get people to pay for shipping costs also.  But no one will know about your MLM suite unless you advertise, and that takes a lot of money.  So even though these companies give you a bonus every time you get one of your friends to sign up, in the end you wind up spending more money than you can possibly make.


From starting with nothing to paying off student loans to buying a house to starting a business this 180+ page guide gives you carefully crafted budgets that you can follow and get the results you have always wanted.  Week by week guides help you track and save your money so you WILL achieve your goals.

You can hire a company to research and make you a custom plan.  This will cost between $300 and $5,000 depending on the company you hire: 

Best Business Plans Now

You can get Small Business Funding on line:

Working from Home is Real
By Jenny Lee

You have been interested in starting a business, and because you are the sharp thinking person who knows planning is behind success, you’ve read articles, gone to seminars and watched videos that tell you how other people have been successful. Now it is your turn, yet you cannot quit your job and work your business full time and you don’t have $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 for a special ‘Package’ that will make getting started “easy”.

You know customers probably will not swarm your website overnight and even if they did, it would still take time for those sales to become a cash flow you can live on.  You know that if you start slowly, you don’t need to pay a lawyer or accountant hundreds of dollars for a detailed business plan.  Best of all, you know there are companies that will set you up with an online portal to showcase your goods and services. That means you do not have to pay a web developer thousands of dollars to create your website.

Ok. Let’s start by not selling you a ‘process’. To be honest, yes, you are going to have to spend money for an e-commerce web page and a domain name.  You may have to (or want to) spend additional money for other supporting services. A basic business plan and some advertising are good things. Yet, if you have a computer with a printer, a domain, an e-commerce web page, and a few hours a day, you can start now.

You start a shop called – ‘XA60 2021’. You sell high end home design essentials that you curate (select).

Get a domain name and website – Example - Shopify will cost you about $400 a year to start. You are now www.XA602021.

Get a bank account – Many smaller banks will not charge you a fee.

Get your tax papers – In most cases, not yet.  Give yourself until you reach your first ‘taxable’ moment in case you need to change the ‘legal’ business structure or name. But getting your business tax papers and numbers is usually free.

Get the links to products that you want on your site. (Go to the product and copy the link from the tool bar):



Check to see if the website will ship the item with a ‘gift’ receipt or ‘packing slip’ only with nothing to show what the price is.  Most places do this.  If they do not- Contact the website owner (Use the contact us form)

THEN: Contact the website owner (Use the contact us form on their page) and see if they will also give you a ‘trade’ discount of 10% to 50% on the web page price when you place orders with them.

Put the pictures of the items – with YOUR prices on YOUR website.

Every time someone orders from you – YOU get an email notification and their payment is deposited in your bank account.  Every day, you spend 2 hours before or after work, processing orders, while money builds up in your bank account.

NOW- you order the item- and pay for it and have it shipped to your customer.

Because you show the item at $50.00, but your supplier charges you $35.00 including shipping, you make a $15.00 profit for a few mins of work.

Your costs are low.  You do not even have inventory to store (unless you are also selling some of your own crafts).

If you need more customers or you want your site to go viral in a hurry you can spend less than $100.00 on a great marketer at the Fiverr site (

Your ‘First Taxable Moment’ will be when you have accumulated $1,000.00 in your business bank account.  When that happens –consult an accountant.

Second- unless you have extra money saved, you need some cash to start your business:  You can learn how to raise the money you need:

Smart Entrepreneurs Now Do This for a Successful Business

Success Knowledge

In the end, what actually happens is this: People see pictures of the product, place the order and send in the money. You use some of that money and apply it to the item and delivery costs – (if you have any) then get it directly to your customer and YOU keep the difference in your bank account as a profit! 

BUT - UNLESS you have the customers, you do not make any money, and that one thing can doom you to failure.

You see, if you have a shop on the street, people walk by and people drive by.  If you put up colorful signs that are big enough, people will see them when they drive by.  If you have windows, you can put up attractive displays that will make people want to come in when they walk by.  People see the signs and displays and tell their friends, and before long people start coming into the store to look at things and buy things.

Your store on the internet does not have a street that people drive on and it does not have a window that people walk by and look in. 

 Your store on the internet is like a nice shop that someone opens up in the basement of an abandoned mall that has been boarded and bricked up except for one tiny entrance that is in the back of a dark cave, filled with piles of weeds and sticky insects. The mall AND the cave are on an island that is in a fog bank on a river filled with mean fanged fish and it is running too fast to swim in and is too deep to wade through. The only way to this island is on a special boat , hidden at the end of a tunnel that is guarded by an evil robot who will throw you in the water unless you say a super-secret password EXACTLY the correct way…AND…the only road to this tunnel goes through the biggest, best, brightest and most colorful and wonderful city full of happy kittens, smiling puppies, celebrity chefs ready to share their secrets, happy beautiful people smiling and telling funny jokes and endless stores of all kinds full of things everyone wants and needs.

That is the internet. The companies with the biggest ‘presence’ get the most attention and the smaller companies, the ones who cannot afford such presence have to find other ways to get people to their ‘hidden island’. 


What does that mean to you? It means not many people are going to manage to get through all of that and find YOUR products. No one told you this.  They told you "people make millions of dollars every day on the internet".  That is true.  Some people make a million dollars a day by spending almost that much on advertising. One hundred million other people make one or two dollars a day.  That much is true.  There is money to be made.

No one wants you to fail. YOU do not want you to fail.  You have put too much time, effort and maybe even money into your idea to just let it fail.  So now you have to turn your attention to getting those people to want to come directly to your ‘Product island’ Because the more people who come…the bigger that path gets. And in the end, if you do it right, you will have expanded that bright and shiny area to include your ‘island’.  There will be no more caves and boarded up malls and evil robots to stop your customers, and their friends, and their friends-friends from seeing and/or buying the things you want them to see and buy!

Best Entrepreneur Books

Stp Hate Rainbows, Stop Hate, Rainbows Stop Hate, stop hate now

First- you need a Business Plan:  You can Learn to write one – You can get a software package for under $100.00 and create your own custom business plan in a few weeks : 

Did you want to Drop Ship or Sell on Line?

The first part can sometimes be done with little to no cash up front.  Drop shipping businesses do not usually stock the items they show. Smart business people get the manufacturers to give them stock photos of their featured products. The pictures are then posted on the website.

If you are selling crafts, you have already made your investment in the materials; your time has been added to the cost of the products you have made to sell.  The same goes for general retail – but instead of making the products, you have gotten one in each size and color and gotten great pictures of them for your website. For informational products like classes or courses, you have presumably written them down and converted them to either an electronic file that can be delivered via PDF or that your customer can download and print out on their own. No matter how you finally deliver the product, your customers start by seeing pictures and descriptions of the products on line – on YOUR website

It isn’t hard to work from home.  There are real work from home jobs you can do.  I do not mean the jobs you see advertised like ‘envelope stuffing’ or ‘data entry’.  I mean real jobs like Graphic Design, Virtual Assistant, Content Writer and others.

Many people will tell you that there are no such things as on-line jobs.  Even if you go to a huge forum like Yahoo Answers and ask ‘Where can I find
good work from home jobs?” – The only answers you will get will be, “If they existed, everybody would be doing them.” Or “They do not exist.”

But the reality is, you have heard about them;
they do exist.  Check out the Fiverr website, for example.  It doesn’t seem like a person could make a career out of doing small graphic design gigs.  But if you look further, you will see that some of these people are able to charge professional fees for their tasks, and that means that even after the website deducts their portion of the sale, you can be left with a tidy income.

Other alternatives include the growing ‘virtual assistant’ jobs.  Traditional companies often need people to do mundane on line sorting and filing jobs.  As a Virtual Assistant, you get a special code and you log in to the company computers daily with your code, and they e-mail you tasks to complete.  Occasionally, you may even get to call in and join in on a meeting.

These are just a couple of the most obvious work from home jobs.  There are dozens more work from home careers out there, from
wallpaper designer to on-line specialty boutique, the day is coming soon when working from home will be the normal thing and then people will be asking, “Is there a building I can go to and work every day in an office?” and folks will laugh and say it does not exist!

Start Your Business Today – No stupid advice – Just FACTS:

Yes, if you want to start a successful business you really only need 4 things – in this order: A business plan; funding; tax papers; and a bank that will work with you.  Now that you know what you need – these links will take you to it:








Fourth: Find a Bank. Yes.  Before you open for business you need a relationship with a bank.  Do not select a bank that charges you a fee to keep your money there. You need a bank that is close enough to your business to be convenient. Get a bank with business hours that are compatible with your business.  You ALSO do not want a bank that charges for every service.  Visit 4 or 5 banks and then pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.  Hint: it might not be the same bank as you use for your personal use.

So, NOW- with a business plan, funding, tax papers and a bank you are now ready to open your business.

The Sudden Entrepreneur
By J. O’Brian
Will you Seize an Opportunity?

You see an opportunity and you start thinking, “I can do that.  I can do that thing, and earn money.” Maybe the local deli is for sale, or maybe the local dry cleaner is closing.  Maybe the people in your neighborhood are always complaining about the lack of a grocery store or print shop. If you are the kind of person who thinks that way, then you can become an entrepreneur.  If you have skill at starting, managing and organizing things like events, you can become an entrepreneur.  Any person, who takes on the initiative and risk to start a small business, is an entrepreneur.  

A smart entrepreneur knows how to spot a scam. Many companies market to entrepreneurs with promises of easy wealth by following their ‘programs’.  But these programs consist of endless ‘courses’ that teach ‘proven methods’ and in the end, after a hundred ‘courses at one low price’ you are instructed to take a ‘premier course’ which starts the whole process over again.

The only person who makes money from this is the person who set up the courses. So remember if a person or company wants you to pay them a large sum so you can earn money, it is a scam.

​You may see a need in your community; rows of empty store fronts but not one clothing shop. You see acres of empty warehouse space, but not one green grocer.  You are the person who says to themselves, “If I open a used clothing store, people will come to me instead of going across town; If I use that warehouse to ‘farm’ vegetables under lights, I will be the ‘green grocer’”.  You are not the person who wonders, “Why doesn’t someone open a shop in that empty space.” No, YOU are the person who says, “I wonder what kind of shop will make money in there?”

And that is what it takes to be an entrepreneur; the willingness to accept the risk of failure.  Not every person who starts something succeeds.  In fact, most people who have made a great success from an idea initially failed.  But they went back and kept working on their prototype or they kept working at their presentation and used the information gained by earlier failures to make that first success.  The true entrepreneur has a setback and ask herself, ‘What did I learn from this?’ but the dilettante or ‘fake’ entrepreneur will say of the same setback, ‘This is stupid, I don’t know why people even try, everyone who does this is stupid.”

Being a real entrepreneur means that you are the kind of person who is willing to take the risk to invest your own time, energy and sometimes savings into an idea that will, with dedicated work, succeed.