​​​​​Starting your own eCommerce store can be as easy as buying a website.

If you’ve ever sold an item on Ebay, Craig’s list or even at a yard sale, you know the satisfaction of putting that cash in your pocket.

You may have even been surprised at how quickly the item sold, or that you got the price you wanted.

If you have decided that selling things on the internet will probably be easier for you than continuing to be a ‘9 to 5 wage slave’, but the people around you have no ideas to help you get started, then you need good information without having to go to endless ‘business seminars’.

You may have even started looking for Ecommerce sites like 3D cart, Shopify, WIX, Squarespace, Magneto and others that will allow you to operate a store, and you have noticed that you do not get a business plan that tells you what expenses you can expect or where you make your profit.

Many people tell you to hire a CPA to make a business plan, but a CPA can charge $350.00 an hour.  Some people will tell you to hire a lawyer, but that will cost you even more.  You need a business plan to HELP YOU DECIDE IF you want to start that business so why would you spend the money you worked hard to get for 10 to 20 hours of someone’s time ... just so you can see your possible expenses and profits on paper.

The BEST SHOP Business plan is available now for less than $15.00 This will tell you what you need to know before you open either an Ecommerce or ‘brink and mortar’ shop.  You can see both expected profits and expenses based on the number of customers you bring in.  You will see that you can pay yourself, buy inventory and even advertise on a generous budget that allows for profits.

Even if you finally decide that you do not want to run an Ecommerce shop from your apartment or basement now, you will have a plan that you can use in the future. Remember, when you have a business plan, people cannot tell you that you will fail or that you do not know what you are doing – because now you have a PLAN!

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STOP the ‘Work from Home’ Scams
Martin Brown

When I first decided to work from home I was young and probably stupid.  I thought it was really possible to ‘Earn $500 to $1,000 EVERY WEEK’ working from home.   I believed that ‘Products Sold Them selves’, and that all I needed was to ‘Sign up for the 3 Day Seminar’ and I would be only days away from making the ‘Most Important Financial Decision of My Life.’

Now I am 10 years older, much wiser and unfortunately out more than $6,000 learning about work from home scams.  That means I wasted an average of $600 EVERY YEAR.  That means the scammers lined their pockets with my money.  And on top of that, it means I wasted my time reading ‘courses’ and taking ‘classes’ and being ‘trained’ to do something that really has no value EXCEPT to distract you from realizing what is really going on:  They are taking your money and giving you ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ in return.

If I were a scammer, this is where I would set my hook:

“Now, with my 15-step program, I will teach YOU how to avoid work from home scams and make thousands of dollars working from home! This special program is only 19.95 per segment and you only pay for the segments when you order them.  You will save yourself THOUSANDS of DOLLARS once you learn my method of avoiding work from home scams!”

Except – I am not a scammer.  There IS NO 15 STEP PROGRAM.  So, I will tell you the most important thing right here:

* If anyone tells you that you have to pay them a fee in order for you to work and earn money – that is a scam.*

I do not mean LEGITIMATE classes or Certification Training. If you sell insurance you have to take the classes to pass state licensing, and no one wants an untrained receptionist taking blood instead of having a Certified Phlebotomist probing your veins.  Most legitimate companies will not only pay for your training, but will also pay you a ‘training wage’ while you are training.  Some companies, like banks will pay for certain college level classes if you agree to work there for a specific period of time.  But no legitimate company will tell you, “Pay us $300 a month and we will GUARANTEE that you will earn up to $2,000 a month if you sign our contract.”

The biggest problem, of course, is spotting the SCAM before you sign anything or give away any money so you always have to remember these three things: #1 If they tell you it is ‘Just like Amway, Avon or Mary Kay', run because it isn’t.  It is just another Multi-Level Marketing scheme that will take your money.  #2 If they ask you to stuff envelopes, run, because you will have to pay for the envelopes and postage and the company will not be there to reimburse you.  #3 If they ask you to assemble items, RUN.  The items you send back will ALWAYS have ‘Flaws’ so you cannot be paid AND they will bill you for all of the ‘FLAWED’ items you send back.

You can find real and legitimate work from home jobs out there, but they are outnumbered 10 to 1 by the scams.  Therefore, we all have to be careful and find out more about the companies who advertise the opportunities before we jump on their bandwagon, because that bandwagon may not be a free ride.